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  • Posted on February 2, 2011 at 10:06 pm

I live in the mojave desert. My winter nights can get down into the single digits and my summer days can get into the triple digits. Either way I love a good tank top, whether it’s the bottom layer of my winter bundling or the only layer on my chest in the sweltering heat.


GlamourMom makes my favorite tanks. They were originally designed for breastfeeding moms, and they’re great for that. The clasps are easy to operate one handed, especially with the nursing bra top and nursing bra full bust top styles. The nursing bra tank style is only a little more challenging but so discreet.

I’m well past the breastfeeding years in my own life but I still buy glamour mom nursing bra full bust tops. Before I discovered GlamourMom I thought it was impossible to find built-in support that would work for my build. Not only does this top work great for me, but my 36G bust is a medium in this style, a medium! Gotta love that.

They also have a non-nursing tank, maternity tops, sleepwear a nursing dress and a tankini swimsuit. Treat yourself to one of these super comfy options. It’s worth it.

For more information go to- GlamourMom.

Lunapads- Lunapanties

  • Posted on January 30, 2011 at 4:01 pm

Even Mamas who don’t use cloth pads love Lunapanties. They are a useful back-up if you’re concerned about your chosen method leaking. They’re great on those “maybe” days when you might start, or not be finished with, your period. Use them with a pad, tampon or cup when you need a lot of coverage, or with Lunapads liner inserts for more moderate needs, or as is when a little absorbency will do.

These are the most comfortable panties I own. They are super soft and the fleece gusset panel is so smooth I’m not afraid that anyone will recognize a pad outline when I’m using them, even in yoga pants. Available in thong, bikini, hipster and brief styles, in black, cream or magenta, they offer a comprehensive pantie wardrobe without sacrificing form for function. If my budget were better I’d probably wear Lunapanties even when I don’t need the special features. They are sized from XS to XXXL so there should be a comfortable option for everyone.

The last camping trip I took was just a weekend trip, but it was c-c-c-cold. I dreaded the moments I had to take my long underwear down and refused to take them off. Even though it wasn’t that time of the month I wore a pair of Lunapanties all three days, under my thermals. I just changed the liner every day. I may not have been fresh as a daisy, but it was good enough for camping standards. I’m not sure this trick would work in places warm enough to work up a sweat, but I don’t mind stripping down in warmer conditions either. Admittedly this is not going to be a useful tip for many, but for the few who camp in cold conditions I think Lunapanties are a brilliant solution.

For more information go to- Lunapads: Underwear.

Happy Heinys- Pocket Diapers

  • Posted on January 29, 2011 at 6:50 pm

I came to cloth diapering from both a frugal and an old-fashioned perspective. The first go ’round I had very little interest in paying extra for all them newfangled variations. I was fortunate to have access to a diaper service back in the old apartment, goodness knows soaking and extra rinses wouldn’t have gone over well in the complex laundromat. The downside is I limited my cloth diapering knowledge to pins and inexpensive covers available from the diaper service. They were often a hassle, but I felt good about what I was doing for my baby’s skin, my family’s budget and my planet.

When I bought a retail website that carried the fancy stuff. I couldn’t, in good conscience, sell products I’d never used. So a little bit of inventory just had to be appropriated into personal stash. Happy Heinys were a product I scoffed at. You can’t reuse the covers, I mean you can, but only after they’ve been washed. The flimsy white covers I’d bought from the diaper service were cheap and because they went on the outside, could be used again if I changed the baby when she was only a little wet. Pocket diapers are more expensive per cover and I’d be going from two or three covers a day to five or six covers a day. I didn’t care how cute the prints were, it didn’t add up financially.

Then I started using them. I took the traditional cotton prefolds I’d bought from the diaper service and folded them in three like a hand towel, much the same as I had been with the econo-covers. Only instead of trying to apply the carefully folded dipe to a squirming baby, without having to refold it, I got to slip it into a secure pocket. Happy Heinys have a cute leak resistant outer layer, and a soft microfleece inner layer that goes against the baby’s skin. In between the two is the pocket for absorbent material. There are custom made inserts that fit perfectly and give plenty of absorbency with a minimum of bulk. Since prefolds are what I already had plenty of, prefolds are what I used.

Yes, I had to have more covers, but it was worth it. Happy Heiny’s quickly became my absolute favorite best thing that had ever happened to cloth diapering. I stuffed a stack on laundry day and went through them as easily as my friends went through their disposables. There was nothing to be intimidated by. No “helpful” hands could claim they didn’t know how to use cloth diapers. If you can open and close velcro you can diaper with these. I never could afford an entire stash of Happy Heinys but I did my best to have enough that they were the only ones I traveled with in my diaper bag. The wide selection of prints and solids upped the cute factor considerably, but I was sold on the convenience.

For more information go to- Happy Heinys: Pocket Diapers.

Oak Meadow

  • Posted on January 29, 2011 at 12:16 am

Oak Meadow is an accredited K-12 private school based in Vermont. They offer independent enrollment and sell their curriculum and other supplies à la carte as well.

I’ve been using Oak Meadow curriculum since 2005. I use the syllabi as framework to build out from. Some lessons I follow exactly as written, others I cover in more depth, or skim, or skip as needed. There’s a strong Waldorf influence, at least in the early years, that I love. I take comfort in having the school year planned ahead, but knowing that there’s plenty of room to deviate from that plan.

My son is thriving with the artistic narrations and hands-on of it all. This is the education I wished I’d had, but didn’t. That said, my daughter who likes things more concrete and competitive has not been as well served. She wants tests and grades and to just get to the point already. Over the years my lesson plans for the girl have moved further and further from the heart and soul of Oak Meadow and we may have to take a different course entirely for her middle school years.

Enrollment is available for both traditional book-based students and for their newer online school. I’m inclined to go the more independent route, but I admit that it’s more work and kids like my daughter are inclined to try harder for the kudos of someone who isn’t just their Mama.

For more information go to- Oak Meadow: Homeschooling Curriculum, Resources and Support.